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Belly Band Holster
Introducing The Ultimate Belly Band Holster.
- Are you sick of holsters that are uncomfortable? 
- Does your current holster require you to wear a belt and limit your wardrobe? 
- Do you want to carry concealed and be comfortable? 
- Do you want to be able to carry different guns for different situations?
This is the Best Holster out there because...
  • Three size fits all - elastic material stretches to fit a 28"- 35" or 36"-46" or 48"-54"circumference. (Measure belly NOT pant size) Soft and comfortable enough to wear directly against your skin.
  • Fits Women & Men
  • Works for Right & Left Draws
  • Surgical grade elastic holster fits small subcompact, compact, and even full size pistols and revolvers. 380, 9mm, 40 auto, 45 ACP, 38 special, 357, and 10mm etc. 
  • Can be worn inside the waistband, outside the waistband, cross body, appendix position, 5 O'clock position (behind hip), small of back, and even high up like a shoulder holster.
  • Fits Glock, M&P Shield, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Kahr, Beretta, Springfield, Taurus, Kimber, Rock Island, Bersa, Kel Tec, Walther, and more.
  • Comes with a retention strap - (you can cut retention strap off if you don't want it)
  • Spare magazine pockets and optional use retention strap provided. (you can cut off the retention strap if you prefer best speed over extra retention support)
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Neoprene on the other hand is soft against your skin which is why it is used in knee braces and back braces. Neoprene also is thicker and handles the weight of a gun very well. It provides more comfort and support resulting in a better product.

Standard holsters require you to wear a belt which greatly reduces your choice of wardrobe.

With the belly band holster you can wear sweat pants, gym shorts, loose fit jeans, under a dress, skirt, yoga pants, etc.
Sizing: The belly band holster measures Medium (28-35"), Medium / Large (36"-46") (48"-54"). To ensure a comfortable fit simply use a tape measure and measure the area you intend to carry. If around your waist simple measure your waist and so on.

Holster Sizing: The surgical grade elastic holster is flexible and will fit just about any pistol you own up to a full size 1911. Small "pocket pistols" may sit deep in the holster, so if you intend on carrying a small pocket size pistol be sure that it is secure and that you can get your hand on it to draw.
Retail price - $78.00
Today's price - $49.95
Next two hours - $39.98 + FREE SHIPPING
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